Personal Revelation Series – Google Hangout on Air

Here is the presentation we will be going over and discussing:“Jesus Reveals Himself – Revelation chapter 1” You must view it in “presentation” mode to see all the animations.

Here is the link to the scheduled Google Hangouts on Air (link: Revelation chapter 1 – Hangout on Air). It is scheduled for Saturday, June the 6th at 5pm, Pacific Standard Time. If you can’t view the live Hangout, the video of it will be posted on YouTube shortly after. (Note: if you are local, you can attend in person at: 5334 Whitney Ave, Carmichael, CA 95608, in the fellowship hall in the back of the property.)

Jesus Among the 7 Candlesticks

Jesus Among the 7 Candlesticks

The discussion will be very informal and very open, but we will only consider the Bible as a reference for understanding. No “famous books” or other books written by man will be used, except for those that help with original word meaning such as: Bible dictionaries, Strongs or Easton word definitions, etc.

Revelation, like the rest of the Bible, is a spiritual book – which means it is designed by God to be “deeply” personal, speaking to the heart and soul of the individual.

Most of the books that people have published regarding the book of Revelation are very impersonal. They claim that Revelation principally tells of famine and carnal wars. Consequently most of the symbolism in the book, they literalize or turn into physical things. Yet John, the man who first received Revelation, received it in a very personal and spiritual way.

Because it is a spiritual book, to understand all the symbolism in Revelation, you need the rest of the Bible; because the Bible is the authoritative reference for all spiritual understanding. In fact, the very first chapter of Revelation points us to scripture for understanding the Revelation message. We invite you to bring your Bible as we discuss this amazingly personal book: The Revelation of Jesus Christ!

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